Welfare and Support

The College should be the first port of call for a student experiencing difficulties, these could be related to academic, financial, health, personal, family or flat-mate issues. There are a number of staff available to deal with various issues and these are collectively known as the Welfare Team.

Welfare Team

The welfare team is led by Linda Wardle our Senior Advisor who, together with Jonathan Day (Deputy Senior Advisor) and a team of first year College Advisors, are dedicated to providing support to ALL Bowland College students. Bowland is also supported by Kate Deeming, a College Wellbeing Officer, who works directly for the University Counselling and Mental Health Team.

The welfare team can be contacted by emailing bowlandwelfare@lancaster.ac.uk, or simply come to the College Office, and Lorna, the College Manager, will help you get in touch.

The team will respond within 24 hours, during the working week Monday to Friday and will be able to answer your welfare and wellbeing questions on a case by case scenario. It is important to note that help is available to support all types of difficulties these could be related to academic, financial, health, mental health, personal, and family or flat-mate issues no matter how large or small.

College Advisors

Each first year student is assigned a College Advisor; these are members of University staff who are able to provide pastoral support by providing a point of contact that students can go to for advice and guidance details. You will be assigned your College Advisor when you join the University.

Out of Hours Drop-ins

Sometimes problems arise outside office hours and it is useful to know how to access support.

College Wellbeing Officers offer an out of hours drop-in service in the main campus Security Lodge, Monday to Friday, 6-7pm.

JCR Welfare

If you would prefer advice from a fellow student, then the JCR have Welfare Officers who you can approach informally during term time. They have office hours which are advertised via the Facebook page or email them via the links below.

Female Welfare: Fiona Simpson

Male Welfare: Andrew Monair

Equality Officer: Jade McGimpsey

International Officer: Pablo Bilbao