Santander SME internships

This programme provides students and graduates with the opportunity to secure a paid internship with a small to medium sized business.

Information for employers‌‌

The Santander Internship Programme provides employers with a valuable opportunity to access student and graduate talent at a modest cost.

The subsidised internship offers an excellent opportunity to explore the value a graduate might bring to your company and how they would fit in with your team.

Internships can be for between 3 months (full-time) and 6 months (part-time).

The intern will be employed and paid by the University.

Santander will make a contribution of £1500 towards the cost of employment.

Lancaster University will invoice your company for £1800 plus VAT.

Our staff will work with you to recruit your intern, ensuring that your business gains the skills and expertise required to benefit your business.


Your company needs to be a Small or Medium Enterprise, employing fewer than 250 employers and with a turnover of less than £50 million a year.

Internship case study

This example illustrates the benefits that one company gained through the programme - Santander-IntelligentTurf.

Programme Manager

Tara McLaughlin - Santander Project Manager and Head of Employment & Recruitment Service


T: 01524 593065

Students and Graduates

Find out more about how to apply for Santander Internships and how these can benefit your future career.