Graduate Employment

As a top 10 ranked university within the UK our graduates are highly skilled and can make a significant impact on your organisation.

This programme places recent graduates into short internships provided by a wide range of employers throughout the UK.

Internships are typically of ten to twelve weeks duration with private or public sector employers.

Through this programme you may also recruit graduates into permanent roles, using our on-campus Employment & Recruitment Service.

More information for graduates looking to benefit from this programme.


Lancaster University’s Graduate Jobs Programme enables you to:

  • Extend your team without the commitment of a permanent contract
  • Resource projects you haven’t had the time or staff to work on
  • Bring contemporary knowledge into your workplace
  • Benefit from a 'try before you buy' method of recruiting

This is all part of an on-going programme committed to working with employers and connect graduates to their opportunities.

Programme features

  • We will work to your requirements
  • We will only recruit graduates who match the skills you want
  • We will undertake the search and selection on your behalf
  • We can manage payroll on your behalf through our AWR compliant service
  • We offer you a low risk approach to access and trial graduate talent
  • We do not charge you for this service
  • You determine how much you wish to pay the graduate

If we cannot meet your requirements, we will tell you.

Programme manager

Universities are large organisations, often with complex structures.

We recognise that employers value a single point of contact within the university who can deal with all aspects of the programme.

Tara McLaughlin as Programme Manager brings considerable experience working with employers, relationship management, recruitment and selection.

You may be assured of a professional, responsive - and honest service!

We also work with a number of key delivery partners elsewhere within the UK with expertise in some of the UKs key economic regions.


Recruitment can be a risk. But get it right, and the benefits can be significant.

This 10 - 12 week programme can act like an 'extended interview' through which you can really judge the potential contribution a graduate can make to the success of your organisation.

But even if you are not considering a permanent appointment, the experience the graduate gains working for you can be instrumental in helping to progress their career.

  • You benefit from a managed programme, gain additional resource and the ability to assess high calibre graduates in work
  • Our graduates use their skills, gain valuable work experience and deliver results to your organisation


Started in 2013, this programme has delivered significant benefits to both employers and graduates.

These are just some examples of the work undertaken by our graduates:

Review of HR benefits package

Researched improvements to the flexible benefits package to improve recruitment and retention. This project also required the graduate to review and summarise associated issues concerning UK tax/NI and employment law.

Development of an energy database

Analysed energy data together with the programming, management and administration of an energy monitoring system.

Ado-mapping of NHS Prescriptions

Developed a web based application to map monthly data on GP prescriptions dispensed to show the number and total cost for each drug, differentiating between generic and branded products. Published paper [PDF]: Mapping English GP Prescribing Data.

Marketing and communications

Implemented a communications campaign to raise the profile of the digital services available. Gathered feedback as part of a “Digital Services” survey, analysing results and developed recommendations.

e-Invoicing and contracts database

Project managed the transition from paper-based invoices to electronic methods of billing and developed a new approach to performance management of key suppliers.

Preparation for Quality Assurance audit

This project involved staff consultations, gathering and analysing data. Actions were highlighted to ensure compliance prior to the quality audit.

Key dates

The majority of our students graduate in July.

Although we are interested in any opportunities you may have, at whatever time of year - it is the time after summer when graduates are typically entering the labour market.

Contact us

Please contact us to discuss your requirements or to find out more about our Graduate Jobs Programme.

T: 01524 593065

E: Tara McLaughlin - Programme Manager