Come along to discover how Teach First can offer you excellent opportunities with our Leadership Development Programme.

It is a two-year salaried opportuntiy that combines advanced teachign and leadership training with a fully-funded qualification.
Not only is the qualification highly sought-after by employers, you will also develop leadership skills you can take forward into any career.

Among developed countries, the UK has one of the worst rates of educational inequality.  We strongly believe that your background should not dictate your destiny, and that everybody shoudl have an equal chance to suceed.  Our programm places talented people like you in classrooms where you are needed the most to help this injustice.

In this presentation, you will hear first hand accounts of what teaching at Teach First is like, get details on how to apply for our programme, and learn about ways to get involved while you are still at university.

Refreshments will be available afterwards, with the opportunity to speak to members of our recruitment team and individuals who have already completed our programme.

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