• Introduction to the Lancaster Award

    Do you want to know about this prestigious Award, how to enrol, the activities you need to undertake and the application process?

  • What you need to know about teacher training

    Would you like to find out more about teacher training? 

  • Shelley and student

    A beginner's guide to CV writing

    Are you putting off starting your CV? Would you like help to get going?

  • Aspiring Solicitors

    The talk will be aimed at all aspiring lawyers and will include essential information on securing a vacation scheme/training contract, performing well at interviews and assessment days.

  • Enterprise Drop-in

    Drop in and talk to a member of the University's Enterprise Team about your project, business and social innovation ideas. We can help you to refine your thinking, put you in touch with useful people and point you at possible sources of funding, where available.

  • PPR Final Year Students - What Next?

    Starting your final year can be exciting and daunting at the same time. Some of you will have a clear plan of your next step and are looking forward to beginning your career adventure. Some of you will be very unsure of your options and what would suit you. Others will be somewhere in between – you have some ideas but don’t know how to realise them.  

  • Teaching Fair

    The teaching fair is aimed at students looking into the various paths into teaching. 

  • Prepare for the careers fair

    Learn how to approach the Careers Fair in a professional way

  • Selling 'You'

    Selling “You” provides students with a starting point to understanding brand identity and what consumers look for in a brand image.  

  • Shelley and student

    A beginner's guide to CV writing

    When you are ready to start applying for opportunities you may like to attend the ‘Effective CV writing’ workshop.