Latest Events

  • Frontrunner

    Lancaster Award Introductory Session

    The Lancaster Award is an employability Award that recognises your achievements and endorses the skills you have developed outside of your degree

  • USA Flag

    CCUSA - Camp Counselors USA

    Camp Counselors USA are a company that sends people like you to work in the states for summer teaching children sports, arts and crafts, water sports, performing arts, wilderness and many other skills!

  • The Secrets of CV Writing

    Do you want to know more about CV writing

  • Local Government National Graduate Development Programme

    The National Graduate Development Programme for local government (ngdp) is a two-year development programme for committed and passionate graduates who want to make a difference to people and communities.

  • Working in the Heritage Sector

    What is the heritage sector really like? 

  • Careers Fair 2014

    2016 Law Fair

    From a legal career perspective, the fair offers you an initial look at law firms.  It is also really useful for non-law students who are considering a career in law and need to learn more about how to make that happen. Law firms are equally welcoming of law and non-law students.

  • Mastering Assessment Centres

    Find out more about assessment centres for Masters students.  

  • Careers Fair 2014

    Autumn Careers Fair

    The Autumn Careers Fair attracts many of the Times Top 100 graduate recruiters. This is one of the best ways to find opportunities in your chosen career.

  • Introduction to Psychometric Tests

    Many employers include psychometric testing as part of their recruitment process and we have teamed up with Profiling for Success to let you practise the common tests online. Learn how you should approach these tests and what you can do to prepare for them.