Latest Events

  • Focus on Negotiation

    Employers are interested in how you communicate: negotiation and persuasion are essential to demonstrate this skill. In this fun workshop you will find out what negotiation is, and we’ll share some tips on how to negotiate with success and confidence. 

  • Insight into Cultural Awareness

    You may have seen ‘cultural awareness’ listed as a key skill required by graduate employers. Come and find out what it means.  

  • Careers Networking Club

    Welcome to the Careers Networking Club at Lancaster University.

  • Careers Fair 2014

    LEC Careers Fair

    Come and talk to local and national employers and find out about their fantastic opportunities for LEC students & graduates.

  • A Beginner’s Guide to CV Writing

    Are you putting off starting your CV? Would you like help to get going?

  • Selling You

    Selling “You” provides students with an opportunity to develop knowledge of how brand identity and brand image can be used to target and sell a skillset to employers.

  • How to Ace an Interview

    This workshop has lots of information and tips about what employers look for, how to build confidence and what 'not' to do.

  • Careers Fair 2014
  • Colour Me Confident

    A positive image leads to improved self-esteem, which gives you more confidence in interviews and when you start your first job.

  • Introduction to Technology Consulting - run by Deloitte Consulting

    Want a career that enables you to develop outstanding business understanding in hand with deep technical skills?