Do you want the experience of running an event?

May 9th,  13:00 - 15:00

In this exciting short course, you will have the chance to learn briefly about key event planning, then get to plan an event in real life.

On the first day, we will explore some theories about event planning, and experienced fund raisers in the charity sector will share their advice and knowledge.

You’ll then plan and run a charity fundraising event in your groups in your own time. Help will be available should you need it, from your charities and careers staff.

On the second day, you can share with the whole group how your team did and get some valuable feedback from your charities and Careers staff.

This is a two – part course: Friday 9th May 2014 and Wednesday 28th May 2014. You must attend both parts. By signing up to 9th May, you will be automatically enrolled onto 28th May as well.

This course counts towards the Lancaster Award.

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