On 20th June, two hundred and twenty students received the Lancaster Award  at a ceremony attended by friends and family in Barker House Farm.

The Lancaster Award prepares students for the competitive graduate job market by ensuring they develop the ability to recognise, reflect upon and articulate the skills they have developed through undertaking a range of extracurricular activities including community volunteering and work experience.

Careers and the Colleges jointly organised the celebratory event with John Clayton, Managing Editor of BBC Radio Lancashire, delivering the keynote speech and presenting the certificates.

Lancaster alumnus and IBM Business and Technology Consultant Mohammad Shahidnejad also spoke about the importance of the Award in helping students to identify skills developed through work experience and community activities and the importance of being able to link these to the competencies required by employers.

The Lancaster Award is nationally recognised for its achievements in enhancing student employability and it continues to grow year on year with over 1400 students currently signed-up. 

Congratulations again to all of you who achieved the Lancaster Award this year.   Please stay in touch with Careers to keep us informed of your continued success.