Employer Connect

This programme matches eligible students to an employer or professional individual who can help them explore and progress their career goals.

This programme is all about opening doors for our students.

What are the benefits?

Careers work through business networks such as the Federation of Small Businesses and the Lancaster District Chamber of Commerce to identify suitable people within their membership to act as a point of contact for one of our students.

This could be to help a student:

  • Gain a better understanding of career options with smaller businesses
  • Explore career ideas within a particular sector of employment
  • Learn about what employers expect from their graduate recruits
  • Identify how recruitment and selection decisions are made
  • Seek out work experience opportunities
  • Spend some time work shadowing
  • Experience the workplace first-hand
  • Determine the actions required to achieve their career goals

Employer Connect is not a formal mentoring programme. Careers will make the connection, help students prepare for their first meeting and give them training on networking skills. Then it is down to students to make the most of the opportunity.

Help with travelling expenses is available.

To learn more about the value of networking skills, this video gives a good introduction. Sign in using your normal student ID and password to access the videos.


This programme is funded through Office For Fair Access (OFFA) funding and priority will be given to applications from UK undergraduate students who are from under-represented groups in higher education including:

- Students with a disability

- Students from an ethnic minority

- Mature students

- Students who are care leavers

- Students who are first the first generation in their family at university 



If you are interested in this programme please contact us at careers@lancaster.ac.uk or drop in to chat to Careers staff direct by visiting the Base, just off Alexandra Square, Lancaster Campus