Career choices

To help you make an informed career choice it is important that you research the options available.

Careers idea generators

There are a number of web based applications to help you look at options based on your skills and interests.

These can help identify a range of career options; some of which you may never have thought of before!

Target Jobs Careers Report is an interactive career planning tool that some Lancaster students have rated highly.

Register with Target Jobs to access the Careers Report.

This can be a good starting point to generate ideas. However you may want to contact Career staff to discuss your options in more detail.

Psychometric tests online

Profiling for Success

You can access an online application through the Knowledge Bank which allows you to practice a range of psychometric tests and obtain your own personal report.

I addition to Abstract, Numerical and Verbal Reasoning Skills tests you can also obtain a personal profile providing your:

  • Type Dynamics Indicator
  • Learning Styles
  • Values Based Indicator of Motivation

This type of information can be very useful when considering different career options.

Talking through the resulting personal profile with a member of Careers Staff is recommended.

Find out about the different ways you can get more help and advice from Careers staff at the university.

Job profiles

Researching your career ideas is essential.

You will want to know about the entry requirements to certain professions, the skills and qualities employers seek, opportunities for career progression etc.

This type of research is also invaluable to help you prepare for job applications and interviews.

Job profiles may also include:

  • A description of the job and typical activities.
  • Typical employers/vacancy sources.
  • Contacts and resources.

Target Jobs: Job Descriptions covers what the job involves, the qualifications and skills needed.

Prospects: Types of Jobs provide over 400 graduate job profiles.

National Careers Service: Job Profile Search offers everything you need to know about a wide range of careers.

Graduate recruiters

You can gain a useful overview of some of the careers and graduate opportunities available by watching these videos of graduate recruiters who attended the Careers Fair at Lancaster University.

Or you may want to browse the online Careers Library to look at the wide range of options that are available.

Remember, many graduate recruiters seek students from a wide range of subjects. Only some of the more specialist roles require a specific qualification.

Sign in using your normal student ID and password.

Careers videos

iCouldi-could offers a comprehensive career video library of job profiles and other resources.

Within the site you can search by job type or by subject of study.

Or you can use the Search Wizard to find related videos.

Career PlayerCareer Player is a site dedicated to helping you find your perfect graduate job.

They offer a wide range of video resources covering different career sectors,job roles,tips and advice and employer profiles.

Video case studies

In these videos, different students from a range of subject areas talk about their journey to work.

Click on the image and sign in using your normal university ID and password.

Labour market information

Within the Knowledge Bank we provide a range of information and resources that you will find useful when exploring various career options.

These include reports on the graduate labour market, regional labour market information and national statistics on employment in various sectors.

This information can also be useful when preparing for job applications and interviews.

To access this information, sign in using your normal university ID and password.


Each year a number of our graduates become self-employed, some building on business ideas they developed whilst a student.

If you are considering this career choice, the University offer various support options for enterprise and self-employment.