Career Mentoring

Mentoring can make a big difference to your life and your future career prospects.

The Lancaster mentoring programme gives you the opportunity to spend time with a working professional, getting an insight into what they do and how they got there. Originally designed for undergraduate students, the programme has been running since 2008 and has become progressively more popular each year. Mentoring will help you assess your career goals and get you thinking in different ways about how to reach them.

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The programme is mainly aimed at penultimate and finalist undergraduate students and is now available for Masters students.

You will need to be able to commit at least 16 hours in total during the mentoring period (November to May).

What makes a good mentee?

  • Openness to new ideas, suggestions and feedback.
  • Willingness to have a go and try out different things.
  • Commitment to self-development and achievement of career goals.
  • Ability to give and receive constructive and honest feedback.
  • Good organisation and time management.
  • Willingness to take the initiative, communicate needs, desires and expectations.

More information

For more information please refer to the Career Mentoring Guide for Mentees

Careers Mentoring Videos

Career Mentoring

Video 1

Title: Aban Hussain (Mentor).mp4 - Video case study of mentor Aban Hussain. Aban gives his perspective and overview of the Mentoring Programme.

Video 2

Title: Ian Newman (Mentor).mp4 - Video case study of mentor Ian Newman. Ian gives his perspective and overview of the Mentoring Programme. 

Video 3

Title: Lucy Steven (Former Mentee, Mentor) .mp4 - Video case study of mentor Lucy Steven. Lucy gives her in depth perspective and overview of the Mentoring Programme from the standpoint of being both a mentee and a mentor.

Video 4

Title: Simon Mohomed (Mentee).mp4 - Video case study of mentee Simon Mohomed. Simon gives his overview of the Mentoring Programme from a Mentee perspective. 

How do I sign up?

Applications for the 2017/18 programme opens on the 1st June 2017 and will close on 23rd June 2017 at midnight.

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The matching process takes place over the summer vacation.

You will be informed in late October by email if a successful match has been made

‘Not convinced the programme is right for you yet? Check out what these previous mentees have said about it.’ - Read case studies of previous Mentoring students 


If you are interested in becoming a mentor, find out more in the Careers Mentoring Guide for Mentors.

If you want to apply to become a mentor please complete the form at