University Officers Training Corps

There are 19 University Officers Training Corps (UOTC) across the UK.  Their principal task is to deliver a leadership development programme to selected undergraduates from across the regions they support.

The Lancaster programme

Is delivered part time on a Tuesday evening, 8 weekends a year and during one 2 week period over the summer.

It includes military training and adventurous training & sport.

Time at the University Officer Training Corps is paid, providing a regular part time income based on attendance.

The programme also provides the opportunity to engage in meaningful, employment focused developmental activity.

There is no commitment to enduring military service and no penalty for leaving part way through the syllabus.

The programme is based in the town centre and is easily accessible from the Lancaster campus.


The programme is only available to undergraduates.

You must also:

  • Pass a medical
  • Be relatively physically fit
  • Be either a UK national, or have a minimum of 5 years’ UK residency
  • Attest into the army in a non-deployable capacity


In addition to the money that you will earn, this is a paid opportunity, the programme offers a number of other benefits.

  • Leadership skills are important in many graduate careers and across the professional spectrum. The programme will help you take control of your own leadership development journey
  • Teamwork is key to many employers; the programme will help you evidence this
  • The programme contributes to attaining the The Lancaster Award
  • Employers recognise and value the skills and the quality of training provided by the programme
  • The training, physical challenges and social interaction within the programme can be great fun
  • The opportunity to meet students from other OTCs helps to develop your future network

To apply

The selection process takes place once a year in September / October.

‌If you are interested in joining, first register your interest using the application form that is available on the University Officer Training Corps website.