Equality and diversity at work

The law requires that employers treat applicants and employees equally regardless of disability, gender, age, race, religion or sexual orientation.

The following resources provide information and advice about ensuring equal rights when job seeking and in employment:

TARGETjobs - information on equal opportunities and diversity within the workplace.

Equality and Human Rights Commission - includes a helpline for information and guidance on discrimination and human rights issues.

The Diversity Group - advice and support for all people overcoming inequality or discrimination.

Marketing Yourself and Disclosure

Advice on how to market yourself effectively, disclosure and how to find positive employers is available on the TARGETjobs website.

The topic is also explored through this article, published May 2015.

NB - making a good impression in your CV or application and interview is crucial, regardless of your characteristics or background.

If you would like to discuss the issue of disclosure you should make an appointment to discuss options with a member of staff.

Identifying positive Employers

Many employers recognise the value of employing a diverse workforce and may demonstrate this in a number of ways.

By running insight events or work experience schemes aimed at under-represented groups in the professions, for example the Civil Service. Some of these opportunities will be highlighted here.

By having a diversity champion such as Stonewall or using the disability 2 ticks symbol to show their support.

Through their equal opportunities policy and employee support networks.

Lancaster University Mentoring Scheme

The Lancaster mentoring scheme gives you the opportunity to spend time with a working professional, getting an insight into what they do and how they got there.

Mentoring will help you assess your career goals and get you thinking in different ways about how to reach them.

Applicants are asked about the type of mentor that they would like to work with which can include mentors from specific backgrounds and or organisations with a strong track record of recruiting from diverse backgrounds.

Further information about the scheme is available.