Summer Work Experience Bursary Scheme 2018

Would you benefit from a Summer Work Experience Bursary?

Are you looking for summer work experience in the UK or abroad, but finding it financially difficult to take up the opportunity you really want? Then you might benefit from a Summer Work Experience Bursary!

The Careers Service has a limited bursary fund to help you with the costs of undertaking career related summer work experience.

Who can apply?

Full time undergraduate students who are NOT in their final year of study

How much can I apply for?

  • International and EU undergraduate students can apply for up £300
  • UK undergraduate students not in receipt of a means tested Lancaster bursary can apply for up to £300
  • UK undergraduate students in receipt of a Lancaster means tested bursary can apply for up to £1000

What is work experience?

We want to help you with the costs of undertaking career related summer work experience.

This might be unpaid (e.g. voluntary work), a low paid role, or where there are additional costs associated with taking up the opportunity. Lancaster University Careers Service does not endorse unpaid internships,  however it is your decision if you are willing to undertake one and will gain benefit from it. Further information about unpaid work experience and your rights can be found here.

FAQ Sheet

The summer work experience can take place in the UK or overseas.

This Summer Work Experience Bursary can only be used to cover related travel, accommodation, and/or dependent care costs incurred as a result of undertaking your summer work experience.‌

Further information about the terms and conditions for applying can be found here.

How to apply

Make sure that you follow the steps below to increase your chances of making a successful application!

1. Before completing the application form, ensure that you have downloaded, read and understood the Summer Work Experience Bursaries T&Cs. This document outlines your responsibilities should you be awarded a bursary.

2. You must then complete the online application form 2018 using the link below. You will be required to provide:

  • proof of the work experience opportunity that you will be undertaking; include as much detail as possible in your application
  • evidence of the costs you are likely to incur for travel, accommodation or childcare
  • details of how you think this work experience will benefit your development and/or career thinking

3. Applications will be considered on a first come first served basis by the Careers team until the funding is closed. Once you have provided all the relevant information we will aim to inform you if you application has been successful within three weeks.

4. If your application is successful, the bursary will be paid in advance of completing your summer work experience and you will be required to provide receipts for the costs you have incurred.

You will be required to repay any unreceipted or unspent elements of the bursary to the university.

Summer Work Experience Bursary Online Application 2018