Work experience

Examples of work experience that could be used to gain points towards the Lancaster Award.

Any form of work experience will count towards the Award.  This includes the following:

  • Full time work
  • Part time work
If you don't currently have a part-time position but are interested in finding a position we have many resources to help.

There are part-time work opportunities available on and off campus.

Registering with our on-campus Employment & Recruitment Service could help you find part-time work.

Plus there are other work experience opportunities to consider.

You may want to look at summer vacation work overseas.

Previous Award participants have undertaken:

  • Industrial placements
  • Summer internships
  • Bar work
  • Retail positions
  • Fundraising
  • Administrative positions
  • Help desk roles
  • Camp America

If you have any questions about work experience please contact Careers staff and we advise you of your options.