Typical questions relating to the Lancaster Award include:

1. I want to find out more about the Lancaster Award, what should I do?

Book to attend one of the regular Introduction to the Lancaster Award workshops offered by Careers. You can book through TARGETconnect. These sessions are only 30 minutes in length and will tell you all you need to know about the Award and submission process.

2. Can anything I have done before coming to study at Lancaster University count towards the Lancaster Award?

No, only activities you have undertaken since you started at Lancaster University can count towards the Award.

One-year postgraduates, however, can use examples for Work Experience and Community Activities from your time at a previous institution.

3. Can I complete the Lancaster Award if I am only at Lancaster for one year?

Yes, though the completion of the Lancaster Award is voluntary and you will need to decide if you have the time available to complete all aspects of the Award within one year in addition to fulfilling your academic commitments.

Please note that one-year postgraduate students are allowed to use examples from their previous institution for the Work Experience and Community Activities sections.

4. Which workshops count towards the Award?

The majority of workshops offered by Careers count towards the Award.

Careers offer many workshops throughout the year.  There are sessions covering CVs, applications form, interview techniques and assessment centres.

Employer skills workshops also count towards the Award and are a great way to hear what employers are looking for in their graduates.

The only sessions that don't count towards the Award are those recruitment events where an organisation comes onto campus specifically to promote their graduate opportunities.  

Take a look at the events calendar on  TARGETConnect

5. Can the things I have done in my vacation periods whilst at Lancaster count towards the Award?

Yes.  work experience or community activities undertaken during vacation periods can count towards the Award. Many students choose to undertake voluntary activities during vacation time. 

6. I am completing work experience as part of my course. Would this count towards the work experience component of the Award?

Yes.  Any placement activity or internship as part of your course will count towards the work experience element of the Award.

7. What is the deadline for applying for the Lancaster Award?

The deadline for penultimate year students is: June 18th 2018.  However you can choose to submit earlier if you feel that you are ready. 


8.Why is the Lancaster Award deadline at the end of my penultimate year and not the final year?

Each year we conduct a survey of all of those who achieve the Lancaster Award. From this feedback it became evident that students preferred to complete the Award before entering their final year.

There are three main reasons for this:

1) Trying to complete the Award whilst juggling academic work is particularly challenging in your final year, especially if you are required to make corrections to your Award submission before it is accepted.

2) Many students would prefer to have completed the Award before applying for graduate positions. Completing the Award during the final year is simply too late for many students.

3) Completing activities at an earlier stage, and thinking about your skills development, will prepare you well if you are looking for a summer placement at the end of your second year.


9. How long will it take to complete the Skills Bank Application Form?

There is no one answer to this question but this is a crucial part of gaining the Award. Producing your Skills Bank is worth the effort as it will give you a stockpile of skills evidence that you can use when applying for graduate jobs.

Good quality evidence such as this will increase your chances of being shortlisted for graduate positions. So do make sure you have the time to do all the work and any revisions suggested well before the deadlines.


10. What is the difference between the gold, silver and bronze Award?

It’s entirely up to you which award category you choose. The gold Award requires the most work in terms of activities you need to undertake and also the submission process. You may feel that you do not have the required time to complete this level therefore you now have the option of Lancaster Award bronze or silver. Take a look at the Lancaster Award website for further details.


11. How many hours do I need to take part in activity in order for it to count towards the Lancaster Award?

For work experience you must undertake at least 20 hours within each role that you are including on your Activities Checklist.

For voluntary work 15 hours is the minimum requirement.

If you complete less than the required hours you cannot claim a proportion of the points awarded. Fewer than the required hours will result in 0 points.


12.  What format will be video interview take?

The video interview will be strengths based.  For this kind of interview you are unable to prepare in the way that you can for a competency interview however think about your proudest achievements, what you're good at and what you really dislike doing.  You can find out more about this type of interview, and why more employers are using this technique,  in our strengths-based guide.  


13. Can someone check my work before I submit?

Yes, you can submit one skill for checking at any point during the year up to one month before the deadline. You can find the submission portal on Moodle. This is a good opportunity to perfect one skill before you submit.
You can also call into Careers for further advice on the activities and the assessment.


14. I have dyslexia. How will this affect my application?

Tick the box on the front of the paperwork to alert the Lancaster Award team member assessing it.

You will be then be given one-to-one support to identify and correct any errors. This will then give you confidence to use this template application form for future applications.


15. I have health problems which may impact on my ability to do all the elements of the Award, what should I do?

Make an appointment to discuss your situation with a member of the Lancaster Award team. This is the ideal opportunity to check out the help and support that might be available to you in the graduate recruitment cycle.


16. Is there an Award ceremony?

For those students who attain Lancaster Award Gold there is an Award ceremony which takes place in the June of your final year.
All levels will receive a certificate the a record of your achievement will appear on your diploma supplement.