What is the Lancaster Award?

The Lancaster Award rewards you for taking part in those extra-curricular activities outside your academic studies that supplement the excellent education you receive at Lancaster University.

The Lancaster Award, developed in partnership with employers, is a certificate that rewards you for making the most of your time at Lancaster.

The Lancaster Award will enhance your future employment prospects by encouraging you to undertake extra-curricular activities and acquire new skills and experiences valued by employers.

You will undertake a variety of activities and reflect on the skills you have developed. You will be assessed via submission of a Skills Bank, CV / LinkedIn profile and a video interview.   

Undergraduate students complete the Award in the June of their penultimate year of study unless you are on a placement or are studying abroad at the time of the deadline.  In this case please speak to Careers who will be able to advise you on your submission date.  Masters and PhD students are welcome to complete the Award.  Please speak to Careers staff about your deadline.  

We want you to stand out from the crowd and the Lancaster Award will help.

Levels of Lancaster Award

There are three different levels of Lancaster Award; it is up to you which level you aim for.


You build up points, by undertaking activities within the categories below, to achieve your desired level of Lancaster Award.


You do not need to do one activity from each category. In fact, it is fine to do multiple activities within one category (eg 2 different work experience activities). The more activities you do, the more points you gain.

Examples of activities

Work experience

  • A summer internship
  • A part-time job
  • A placement year

The duration of each work experience activity needs to be a minimum of 20 hours.


  • Volunteering with local causes either in Lancaster or your home community
  • Voluntary work organised through LUSU Involve or Lancaster Arts

The duration of each volunteering activity needs to be a minimum of 15 hours.

 Campus activity

  • Active member of a campus sports team or society
  • Departmental or college representative
  • Open day tour guides

The wider your range of experiences and skills the more attractive you will be to potential employers.  

Find out more

To get the most out of your Lancaster Award experience, we encourage all students to start the Lancaster Award in their first year.

This will give you more time to record your activities and reflect on what you have achieved by the end of your penultimate year of study.

You must attend one of our introductory workshops before you register for the Lancaster Award.

These workshops are advertised on TARGETconnect where you can book online.

Or, please contact Careers staff to find out when the next workshop is taking place.

Register for the award

Once you have attended one of the introductory workshops you can register using the student portal.


We run regular drop-in sessions, and tea and coffee mornings to answer any questions you have about your progress.

We want you to succeed, so you can access as much support from the Careers team as you wish.

Check the different ways that you can get help and advice.


The deadline for completing the activities, workshops, and assignments towards the award is the 18th June 2018.

If you are completing a study abroad year you have until 31st October in the year that you return to Lancaster.

If you are a postgraduate student the criteria is slightly different, please contact Careers staff for further information.

Lancaster Excellence

This is an additional feature of the Lancaster Award.

It is only open to students who have completed the Lancaster Award at Gold Level and who have been assessed as outstanding.

Find out more about the Excellence Award and the additional benefits it provides.

NB - this is why we recommend completion of the Lancaster Award by the end of your second year of studies.

If you are selected for a Lancaster Excellence Award you would benefit from this in your final year of studies.

Keeping in touch

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