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The Nuclear Family Project: The Art Of Touring The Toxic, Pt 2

By Dr. Sharon Wilson, Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University This is the second part of a 2-part series Dr. Wilson is writing on tourism and activism related to nuclear sites. For more about Dr. Wilson and her work, visit her faculty page. To read the...
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UK Art & Mobilities Network Inaugural Symposium

  Over the past 10 years the study and practice of Art & Mobilities has been gaining momentum through networks, conferences, books, special issues, exhibitions and in the practices of artists, writers and curators. In recognition of this activity we...
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Mobilities and Wayfinding – Finding Our Way from A to B

Written by Dr Paul Symonds Mobilities is a subject area that encapsulates a range of topics that are grouped by movement. In a post-modern world, for example, this movement includes people, information, culture (Urry, 2007), and heritage (Lo Iacono,...
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Multiplanetary Futures

At this two-day workshop, drawing on a wide range of disciplines and approaches, participants will assess the state of the art of critical inquiry into multiplanetary futures, identify the significant social, cultural, political and philosophical questions raised by different multiplanetary imaginaries, and seek to identify productive new collaborative lines of inquiry.

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Drone Justice: Witnessing the Anthropocene

Drone Justice: Witnessing the Anthropocene by Dr Adam Fish There is a lot of propaganda around drones being “disruptive” technologies. I have been empirically testing the disruptive potentials of drone practices through many diverse contexts throughout the...
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Research Project: Transcultural Utopian Imagination and the Future

CeMoRe are delighted to share the wonderful news that Barnita Bagchi, a lecturer in Comparative Literature at the University of Utrecht, Netherlands, has been awarded a British Academy Visiting Fellowship to pursue a research project on  ‘Transcultural...
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International Mobility Norway- MOVE Research

International Mobility Norway (IMN) is a newly established research group working on patterns of youth mobility from a perspective within the Norwegian/ Scandinavian context. It focuses on various forms of international mobility among young people, such as learning mobilities, leisure mobilities (tourism), employment mobilities, volunteering, etc.

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John Urry’s Bike to Stay at Lancaster University

It is wonderful news that John Urry’s bike can now stay and continue to be used at Lancaster University where he himself spent so much of his time and career. Since John’s bike had largely gone unused by CeMoRe affiliates due to its height, Carlos...
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Brexit and the need for a new urban eco-aesthetics in the UK

By Visting Scholar, Rodanthi Tzanelli  Recently, while I was reading Perdita Phillips’ (2015) musings over the unresolved relationship between sustainability and eco-aesthetics, I began to consider the implications of the UK’s exclusion from the European Capital...
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What’s it Like to be an Intern for Cemore?

Short Answer: Amazing. For the past three months, I have been privileged with working alongside the CeMoRe team in Lancaster and now that my internship is drawing to a close, the first thing that I must say is a huge thank you! My time here has been wonderful...
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  • Data Publics Investigating the formation and representation of crowds, groups and clusters in digital economies.
  • BRIDGE Collaborative ICT in large-scale emergency management.
  • SecInCoRe Secure Dynamic Cloud for Information, Communication and Resource Interoperability based on Pan-European Disaster Inventory



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