This week’s reading group gathered to play the prototype of ‘isITethical’, a game designed and created by Malé Luján Escalante. It was absolutely marvelous and we had a lot of fun playing! At the same time, we learned a lot about disaster management, communication and corporation between the various stakeholders involved because in order to win the game, all the players have to work together. After a very intense time of battling floods, fires, chemical accidents, and epidemics all over Europe, we started discussing the key role of data sharing and strategic decision making when it comes to dealing with disasters. It also became quite clear how unexpected events like e.g. terrorist attacks immediately increase the need for joint action. Especially knowing about and applying the specialized abilities (they are called super powers in the game) of certain responders and authorities is crucial to controlling a hazard.

The game presents key results of the research undertaken for SecInCoRe. It is a collaborative design project that aims at identifying data sets, processes, information systems and business models used by first responders and Police authorities leading to a dynamic and secure cloud based ‘common information space’.

Malé will continue to improve the game based on the information gathered during past and upcoming playing sessions.