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General Information

The Marketing Services team provides a range of services to promote the University to external audiences. Our key objectives include:

What we do

Web Development

We are responsible for the development and maintenance of the University's corporate website and have an overarching responsibility for the University web presence through the co-ordination of other strategic activities, including the Web Transformation Project.

Course Promotion

We are responsible for the preparation and publication of the University's Undergraduate and Postgraduate Prospectuses. We also manage the core online course listings, using data that is derived from LUSI, and external course directories including UCAS.

Marketing and Advertising

We deliver marketing campaigns in line with business goals, including campaigns to drive recruitment and to raise the University's profile. We also maintain the University's social media accounts and edit key landing pages on the website, including the home page.

Staff Contact Information

Digital Marketing Manager: Campaigns & Engagement
Russell Reader

tel: 01524 592602

Digital Marketing Manager
Jennifer Ellis

tel: 01524 592617

Senior Web Developer
Daren Chandisingh

tel: 01524 593391

University Web Editor
Neil Thomason

tel: 01524 593112

University Web Developer
Christian Cable

tel: 01524 594375

University Web Developer
Sarah Mullen

tel: 01524 593895

Marketing Officer, Academic Information
Liz Duesbury

tel: 01524 593532

Digital Engagement Officer
Jess Froude

tel: 01524 592046

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