Developing Resilience


This Module acknowledges that modern day workplaces can be constantly changing and there are many factors that cause stress and prevent individuals maintaining high levels of performance and wellbeing.  It looks at the concepts of workplace resilience as a tool to cope with modern stresses, providing students with an opportunity to build a strategy to improve their own resilience and  resilience in others.  It explores lessons learned from the science of positive psychology and other perspectives such as the importance of confidence, adaptability and purposefulness.  The current themes around new age perspectives such as mindfulness, are critically analysed by looking at academic research and applicability of techniques to workplace practice

Duration, attendance and delivery

The course usually lasts approximately 10 weeks. This includes online learning, workshops, tutorials, self-study, reflection, application of learning at work as well as completing assessments.


Typically your learning from this course will be assessed through your analysis of a successful entrepreneurial venture or your development of a project proposal for an entrepreneurial venture.

Entry requirements

You will need to be in a work role (paid or unpaid) which allows you the scope to put the concepts learned into practice. There are no formal qualification requirements for entry; we assess suitability on each individual application.

Start dates

March (Online+)