Organisations: Culture, Values and Behaviours


This course explores the dynamics of human nature and the impact of culture, values and behaviours on the effective performance of an organisation. For those students involved in organisation development, leading, managing, improving services and practices this course provides opportunity to analyse the complexity of human system dynamics.

  • Culture, values and behaviours
  • Human factors - motivation, attitudes, habits, job satisfaction, personality
  • Power, influencing relationships
  • Psychological contracts
  • Group processes, behaviours and dynamics - tribes, networks, professional allegiance
  • Strategies for engagement
  • Building an agile, resilient, emotionally intelligent workforce

Duration, attendance and delivery

The course usually lasts approximately 10 weeks. The blended learning structure consists of online learning, workshops, tutorials, self-study, reflection, application of learning at work and the completion of assessment tasks.


At the end of the course you will undertake an assessment. This is a work based assessment rather than a theory based essay. Typically you will be required to apply what you have learnt to your context at work, by undertaking an analysis of the culture, values and behaviours within your organisation and proposing improvements for staff engagement.

The assessment format may be a written exercise, in-class presentation, project report or another appropriate method. A written piece would be around 2000 words in length.

Entry requirements

You will need to be in a work role (paid or unpaid) which allows you the scope to put the concepts learned into practice. There are no formal qualification requirements for entry; we assess suitability on each individual application.

Start dates