Certificate of Achievement in Professional Practice (Managing your Work Based Project)


Would you like to both learn about projects and gain a Certificate of Achievement in Professional Practice (Managing your Work Based Project)?  We offer a 20 week distance learning programme that delivers just that. The programme is targeted at those of you new to project management or if you want to refresh your skills. 

We start by looking at the basics and the core principles behind project management such as the role of the project manager, the project life cycle and approaches to defining and scoping a project. For the second part of the programme we look at the tools and techniques for planning and controlling the project from beginning to end.

Although, you will be studying off campus, there will be plenty of support from your tutor either over the phone, Skype or by email. They are there to help you put your learning into practice and reflect on which models and theories are more relevant for your context and enable you to complete your assignment. You can also share ideas and chat with other students on the programme on our discussion forums.


Other information

Director of Studies: Paulette Liptrot

Duration: The duration of this part-time course is flexible as it is offered on a modular basis.

Entry requirements: You will need to be in a work role (paid or unpaid) which allows you the scope to put the concepts learned into practice. There are no formal qualification requirements for entry; we assess suitability on each individual application

Assessment: At the end of both modules you will undertake an assessment. This is a work based assessment rather than a theory based essay. Typically you will be required to apply what you have learnt to your practice, evaluating concepts for their applicability and usefulness.

The assessment format may be a written exercise, project report or another appropriate method. A written piece would be around 2000 words in length.