Systems Thinking


This module is for anyone grappling with change in a complex environment, where systems, relationships and business boundaries are interdependent.  This is becoming more prevalent in healthcare organisations whereby acute trusts, community healthcare, public health and social care are having to work across traditional boundaries to problem solve.  Despite this, systems thinking is applicable to organisations in other sectors.  For example a major US software organisation used systems thinking to analyse poor sales performance by using systems thinking tools to understand cross divisional processes and relationships.  During this module you will explore complexity science theory and human system dynamics, evaluating tools and techniques to identify creative and efficient solutions to problems

Duration, attendance and delivery

The course usually lasts approximately 10 weeks. The blended learning structure consists of online learning, workshops, tutorials, self-study, reflection, application of learning at work and the completion of assessment tasks.

In 2016/17 we are transforming our courses to enable us to offer them all by online+ so you may be able to complete your course fully online. Contact us to enquire whether this course is now available via online+.


At the end of the course you will undertake an assessment. This is a work based assessment rather than a theory based essay. Typically you will be required to apply what you have learnt to your context at work, evaluating concepts for their applicability and usefulness.

The assessment format may be a written exercise, in-class presentation, project report or another appropriate method. A written piece would be around 2000 words in length.

Entry requirements

You will need to be in a work role (paid or unpaid) which allows you the scope to put the concepts learned into practice. There are no formal qualification requirements for entry; we assess suitability on each individual application.

Start dates

May (online+)