20 December 2016
On 14 December 2016, it was wonderful to celebrate with our CETAD Graduands as they were awarded with their Postgraduate Diploma and Masters qualifications.

It was lovely to share the day with the graduands, and to meet their friends and families, as they celebrated their fantastic achievements.

The Chancellor’s Medal is presented annually to the most meritorious students. We are pleased to announce that a medal was awarded to one of the CETAD graduands, Nick Bliss.

Here are a couple of quotes from graduands regarding their studies with CETAD:

“I thoroughly enjoyed studying for my Masters’ Degree through CETAD. This was a work based programme undertaken with the focus on change and project management.  To complete the Masters programme I undertook a work-based project which was the application of a ‘weighting tool’ to evaluate optimum health visiting caseload numbers and the introduction of a geographical model for service delivery. The caseload profiling tools are specific to health visiting and my research scoped various models that are currently available and led me to create my own adaptation applicable to the local service context. This tool has been shared within our service and as a result of this project we have implemented a geographical model for delivery of health visiting services in Blackpool, Wyre and Fylde to align with the introduction of Local Authority commissioning.”

Though it was hard work, I thoroughly enjoyed undertaking this programme, both in relation to its practical application and in respect of the study for its own sake and what it has taught me about myself.”

Sarah Keighley, Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“CETAD's support during my MA programme was exemplary - the programmes were well designed, enjoyable and challenging; leading me to think in strategic ways about my work.  Best of all was the support from my project mentor.  She was always available to discuss problems and help me towards my goal. Many thanks to all at CETAD who helped me to gain my MA.”

Moyna Hargest, Lancashire County Council

We would like to wish all our graduands all the very best for the future.