Postgraduate Students

Our goal is to recruit and nurture talented research students from a broad range of backgrounds, paving the way to a diverse, inclusive and stimulating research environment.

Research Student Recruitment

As a successful research-intensive department, we strive to recruit the best possible postgraduate students in a professional, transparent and unbiased process.

Mentor Schemes

If you decide to apply for a research degree at our department and receive an offer, you will be able to participate in a peer-mentor scheme. One of our current PhD students will be able to answer any queries you may have about studying at Lancaster in a confidential and informal manner throughout the application stage and during your research degree at Lancaster.

In addition, we have a number of mentors, who are researchers having recently gained a PhD. As such, you will be able to informally meet with a mentor of your choice at any point during the course of your research degree to discuss any matters relating to research, writing a thesis or planning your career.