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Work with our research staff

Chemistry staff can provide businesses with consultancy and advice to address specific technical problems, and collaborative research projects can be developed through discussion with our research staff facilitated by the Business Partnerships and Enterprise team.

Research at Lancaster Chemistry is broadly structured into three core discipline themes:

Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy
Chemical theory and computation
Chemical Synthesis

Each theme is populated with an expanding team of research-active staff at the forefront of research in their respective fields. Our interests span many areas of both fundamental and technological interest. Importantly, we share not only common ground in research excellence, but an inclusive and collaborative spirit, and a dedication to passing on our knowledge to a new generation of researchers.

Impact of all forms is an integral part of our research activity, and we aim to amalgamate the very best in chemical research with industrial partnerships to address real-world problems and generate solutions to societal grand challenges.

Chemistry-related research also takes place in other departments across the university, including in the Lancaster Environment Centre, Engineering Department, Physics Department, and the Materials Science Institute. This research covers areas such as:

  • Condensed matter
  • Environmental science
  • Nuclear chemistry

Contact our Business Partnerships Managers Mike Entwistle and Martin Gilmore to discuss possible options.