Past Events

Here you will find a record of events that the Chemistry Outreach Team at Lancaster University has been involved with.

Year 10 Work Experience Week

Students from Ripley St Thomas made a winning start to their work experience week - to date they have been testing experiments due to be used in a the Rio 2016 Olympics STEM competition. By practising the art of alchemy, our bronze medals are now gold.

Chemistry at Work Day

Lancaster University Chemistry Department took its laboratories on the road! Our Schools Liaison Officer, Rachel Bashforth, and laboratory technician, Jessica Mehers, packed up an assortment of equipment and chemicals to visit local schools. The topic of 'Controlling Chemical Reactions' was eagerly explored by students from the Blackpool and Preston areas with students completing a colour change reaction to order. After several attempts to complete the experiment at different concentrations, a graph of results was produced allowing students to predict the concentration of chemicals to allow the colour change to occur at a specific time.

Students worked in teams and gained valuable practical chemistry skills whilst improving their analytical abilities, graphical techniques and application of numeracy skills. At the end of the session a display of each team's predictions was implemented simultaneously to see which team had predicted the quantities needed to achieve their target time.

CISCO Little Big Awards

Providing technical support to Garstang Community Academy's STEM club, who entered a team in the regional heats for the CISCO Little Big Awards.

The STEM club at Garstang Community Academy was filled with enthusiasm, as all students entered a suggestion for the CISCO Little Big Awards. This lead to school heats before students were selected to go to the Regional Finals at Brockholes on the 24th February.

The team had five sessions with their ambassador and went on to represent their school well. Unfortunately, the team did not make the National Finals this time, but came away with an award for the best submission of Science, Technology and Research against some extremely stiff opposition.

Schools STEM challenge

As part of the Faculty of Science & Technology STEM Challenge Day, the chemistry department provided challenges for teams of four from schools across the North West.

Chemistry saw the teams take on the formidable Iodine Clock challenge - a complicated reaction with a very definite end point. Students worked in their teams to submit an entry for the final race. In order to do this, students had to test their results, using industry standard burettes and their mathematical and analytical skills. All competitors conducted themselves admirably and we had several teams submitting an entry extremely close to the target time.