Work Experience

For students, experiencing working life in an environment of their choice can provide life-changing insights and develop unique skill sets.

The Department of Chemistry believes passionately in allowing students to access age appropriate activities to enhance their understanding of scientific careers.

Year 10

For schools where it is possible for students to make the daily journey to Lancaster University, a week-long work experience programme is available. Students will work under the supervision of the senior laboratory technician to complete educational experiments and then refine them in order to make them suitable for a competition for KS3 students. They will research each experiment, gaining an insight into the theory of the reaction, and report on their findings.

Year 12/13

Science Education

Are you interested in teaching science? Attend one of our year 10 work experience weeks as a technical advisor, whilst our staff provide the supervision and support of both yourselves and the year 10 students. Use your higher level of technical knowledge to offer support and improve their research and project work. Get your hands dirty in the lab practicing and demonstrating experiments to younger students.

Science Summer Schools

The University runs summer schools which are very broad in content, suitable to students interested in further study of science with a preference for chemistry. You will complete a research project and presentation improving practical and reporting skills and enhancing your CV. You need to apply through the University directly through UK Student Recruitment and Outreach (UKSRO) for this programme.

Chemistry Research

For the first time we will be offering a residential experience for year 12 students in the summer holidays. Students will stay with us for a week to look at several exciting and interesting chemistry experiments before choosing one to research in detail. Students get the opportunity to produce posters, presentations and reports on this topic from their own experimental research and propose further investigations in this area. This will culminate in a university-style presentation of findings and give students an insight into the more varied methods of assessment used at university.

This is an exceptional opportunity for students with enthusiasm and the desire to work on real chemical research - some of the activities will be new to students. It will give students the opportunity to start creating their own research portfolio complimented with real experimental results.

We are expecting places to be highly competitive and will be selecting suitable candidates. For further details please e-mail with "Chemistry Research Experience" as the subject line.