Work Experience with Ripley St. Thomas

One week, four students and a lot of chemistry!

Ripley St. Thomas C of E Academy was invited to select students to attend Lancaster University's Chemistry work experience programme. It is our understanding the process was rigorous, including a letter of application to be considered for the scheme. The successful applicants, Darcy Ibbotson, Joseph Hutton, Ruth Robinson and Oscar Cray were invited to spend the week with Lancaster’s Chemistry Department. Along with the normal challenges of work experience - finding your way here, the induction process and what to wear - these students were asked, on day one, to look at some chemical reactions in preparation for an event running on Thursday.

For three days our work experience students researched, performed and reported on four different experiments. They produced their own worksheets and instructions, and practised demonstrations tirelessly to ensure everything necessary was ready. This included taking work home after long days!

On the fourth day, the students ran a chemistry quadrathlon challenge for local schools, and completed this to a very high standard. The feedback from these schools was outstanding, and our work experience students should be justly proud of themselves. You can read more about the experiences of our schools in the ‘Competitions’ section.

Our tired students rallied on the fifth day to report and evaluate their experiences, taking two posters back to their school. Throughout this week students have gained skills in working accurately, as well as gaining advanced chemical knowledge allowing them to solve real chemistry problems, team working and communication skills and an invaluable insight into chemistry research and presenting. 

The University would like to take this opportunity to thank the students of Ripley St. Thomas for their commitment, enthusiasm and professionalism throughout the week, resulting in a resounding success for the first work experience programme of 2016.