Dr Eleri Hughes

Senior Research Associate

Molecular Origins of the Compatibility Between Glycosaminoglycans and Aβ40 Amyloid Fibrils
Stewart, K.L., Hughes, E., Yates, E.A., Middleton, D.A., Radford, S.E. 4/08/2017 In: Journal of Molecular Biology. 429, 16, p. 2449-2462. 14 p.
Journal article

Heparin and methionine oxidation promote the formation of apolipoprotein A-I amyloid comprising α-helical and β-sheet structures.
Townsend, D.J., Hughes, E., Hussain, R., Siligardi, G., Baldock, S.J., Madine, J., Middleton, D.A. 21/03/2017 In: Biochemistry. 56, 11, p. 1632-1644. 13 p.
Journal article

Atomic details of the interactions of Glycosaminoglycans with amyloid-β fibrils
Stewart, K., Hughes, E., Yates, E., Akien, G.R., Huang, T., Lima, M., Rudd, T., Guerrini, M., Hung, S., Radford, S., Middleton, D.A. 13/07/2016 In: Journal of the American Chemical Society. 138, 27, p. 8328-8331. 4 p.
Journal article

Novel stereoselective bufadienolides reveal new insights into the requirements for Na+, K+-ATPase inhibition by cardiotonic steroids
Tang, H., Ruan, L., Tian, H., Liang, G., Ye, W., Hughes, E., Esmann, M., Fedosova, N.U., Chung, T., Tzen, J.T.C., Jiang, R., Middleton, D.A. 5/07/2016 In: Scientific Reports. 2016, 6, 10 p.
Journal article

Comparison of the structure and function of phospholamban and the Arginine-14 deficient mutant associated with dilated cardiomyopathy
Hughes, E., Middleton, D.A. 16/09/2014 In: PLoS ONE. 9, 9, 10 p.
Journal article

Heparin promotes the rapid fibrillization of a peptide with low intrinsic amyloidogenicity
Madine, J., Davies, H.A., Hughes, E., Middleton, D.A. 17/12/2013 In: Biochemistry. 52, 50, p. 8984-8992. 9 p.
Journal article