Postgraduate Study

At Lancaster Chemistry, one our key aims is to help train chemists able to carry out advanced postgraduate research.

We therefore offer the opportunity to undertake a PhD in Chemistry in our new facilities. This will involve carrying out original research, assessed by a submitted thesis and viva voce examination.

Further information regarding what a PhD in Chemistry will involve and how you can join us may be found on these pages. You should feel free to contact us with any enquiries about our research, and about the possibility of undertaking a research degree here in Lancaster. If you have a particular project in mind, please feel free to contact directly the appropriate member of staff.

Research at Lancaster Chemistry is broadly structured into three core discipline themes:

Each theme is populated with an expanding team of research-active staff at the forefront of research in their respective fields. Our interests span many areas of both fundamental and technological interest. Importantly, we share not only common ground in research excellence, but an inclusive and collaborative spirit, and a dedication to passing on our knowledge to a new generation of researchers.