Olivia Lynes

Proven reputation

Olivia has recently completed a PhD in Computational chemistry, modelling the interactions of different components of nuclear waste. “When looking for PhD programmes I had made it a priority to find one with some industrial input and had a clear aim and relevance outside of the academic world,” she says. “Lancaster offered that, and I’ve received useful input from industry as well as gaining the opportunity to discuss my research on a regular basis, this always serves to remind me why I’m doing it.”

Thriving Department

The PhD programme that Olivia wanted to study was originally based in London, but when it was reintroduced at Lancaster she enrolled immediately and was impressed with what she saw. “I found a new department that was really excited to be open again after a long closure,” says Olivia, “researchers who were passionate about what they were doing, who weren’t afraid of changing the traditional way things are done in science departments and were also keen to get every level of researcher involved.”

Welcoming environment

Olivia says she enjoys working in a “really comfortable and positive working atmosphere,” and assures that students “won’t just be focused on their own research bubble but will get to use the more general facilities that the Department offers, too.”