Simon Boothroyd

Top 10 distinction

“Having completed my Bachelors degree at Lancaster, I made the decision to continue my studies here towards a PhD in Chemistry,” Simon explains. He acknowledges Lancaster’s “outstanding research institution,” and adds that “the opportunity to be a part of the newly opened Chemistry department was a major draw.”

Strong connections

Since advancing his studies to Postgraduate level, Simon has discovered how his experience has brought him deeper into the subject and helped him to form close connections with experts in the field. “Although relatively young, the department has already attracted some of the best academics, has an outstanding array of available facilities, and has impressive links with industry,” he says. “As such, I am now working under the supervision of a leading academic in the field, in partnership with a multinational pharmaceutical company.”

Exciting prospects

Simon is grateful for the knowledge and research opportunities that Lancaster’s PhD programme has equipped him with. “It’s proven invaluable for my personal development and growth,” he says. “My research aims to gain insight into multi-component crystals: it’s a field with many highly topical applications.” Explaining the current research he and his team is undertaking he adds, “our aim is to elucidate the driving force behind solvate and hydrate formation, further the understanding of co-former compatibility in co-crystals and study the stability of channel hydrunates.”