Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy

Characterisation and measurement of the properties of atoms, molecules, solids, materials and biological systems is at the heart of our analytical chemistry and spectroscopy (ACS) research here at Lancaster.

The team within the ACS research group have a diverse but complementary background across measurement science. The use of solid state Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) techniques, both in materials and in biological systems, is a key strength. Our expertise also extends to more general measurement science, in particular using electrochemical techniques, and the study of photovoltaic materials and light harvesting.

The facilities available to support our research are expanding rapidly. As part of Chemistry at Lancaster’s major building redevelopment programme, we have access to a growing number of custom-designed laboratories and instrument rooms to support our research and house our new instruments. Our recently-opened NMR suite (currently housing 2 NMR spectrometers, more to follow) is the first of our custom-designed research support spaces to open.

Our research is carried out with a wide range of academic and industrial collaborators.