Magnetic resonance facilities

The Department has facilities dedicated for NMR in the solution and solid states, as well as instrumentation for EPR.

‌The solution state NMR facilities are run in open access by Dr Geoffrey Akien, and all users must receive training before being allowed access. The solid state facilities are run differently, so either Dr Geoffrey Akien or Professor David Middleton are the first points of contact.

The booking timetables for each instrument can be viewed here. Anyone at Lancaster University can view the calendar, but you will need to request permissions from Dr Geoffrey Akien if you want to submit your own bookings.

The department possesses an EPR instrument, but this is currently unavailable until its installation in a dedicated space. As part of the N8, and ResoN8 in particular, the facility is committed to asset sharing, so external users are welcome to use the facilities - contact Dr Geoffrey Akien if you're unsure of your needs.

Solution state NMR

The solution state NMR facilities are located in A74 (access via A73) Faraday Building, and are used for both research and teaching.

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Solid state NMR

The department has a broad range of modern solid state NMR instrumentation, including the joint second highest field wide-bore instrument in the UK and a wide range of probes.

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NMR software

There is a wide variety of software available for processing your NMR data, with some being free and others not.

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