Recalling his early days as a new student, Daniel hopes that he can help others benefit from our student mentor scheme. “I became a mentor as soon as I realised how useful they can be, and now I want to give someone else the chance to have a mentor,” he says.

Helping others

Daniel is happy to help others who are currently making the transition that he’d previously experienced himself. “I want to help new students settle in quickly and easily, as a big change like starting university can be daunting,” he explains.

Friendly and inviting

Sharing his own reasons for his study choices, Daniel remembers enjoying his chemistry lessons at school and says: “it allows you into so many pathways for the future.”

Daniel praises Lancaster campus for its “friendly and inviting” atmosphere, and has found the Chemistry Department to be particularly supportive. “I like the campus as it makes you feel part of the University, and I feel like I can always get help in chemistry when I need it. I’m also really enjoying the lab work, which is something I may never have done outside a degree,” he adds.

Skills and advice

Daniel has developed an academic and social skillset since starting his Chemistry degree. “I’ve learnt to do lab reports like a chemist, and have become a more outgoing person thanks to my co-curricular activities,” he says.

Proud to be part of a top 10 University, Daniel’s advice for prospective students is to visit all their options in order to “get a feel for what each university is like”. He also encourages others to “choose a course that you enjoy to make those 9am starts more comfortable”.