Eleanor found that having a mentor helped personalise her university experience, which led to her taking on the role so that she can answer questions and concerns to help a student make the right decision.

“I found the mentor scheme a useful platform to use when I was deciding which university to accept as you can gain more knowledge of the university as a whole and not just about the chemistry department.”

Eleanor also believes it provides the opportunity to get a feel of the atmosphere at Lancaster with the ease of communicating by email.

Eleanor decided to study on a chemistry degree as she found the topics covered at A level interesting and enjoyed learning new concepts about how and why things work the way they do. “As a first year I am enjoying building on my basic knowledge of chemistry to develop a wide array of skills that can be transferrable into other aspects of life.”

High ratings of student satisfaction

Eleanor was very impressed with how highly Lancaster University is rated within the UK academic rankings. She also liked the exceptionally high ratings of student satisfaction in other areas such as accommodation and the social environment.

Eleanor enjoys the fact that there are always lots of social activities open for all students to be involved with and that different colleges are open to suggestions about new events and activities. She believes there are events to suit different personalities and needs so everyone gets a chance to socialise and do something they enjoy.

Of her course, Eleanor believes her written communication skills have developed so that she can write in a way that is accepted in the scientific community. Her degree has also taught her how to work independently to problem solve and given her the confidence to ask for help when she needs it.

High student to staff ratio

Eleanor is particularly impressed with one of the main benefits of studying chemistry at Lancaster which is the high student to staff ratio. “With smaller class sizes, lecturers are more likely to get to know you on a more personal level, and they are also more likely to have the time available for you to go seek help and guidance with the lecture work. It also makes the staff more approachable and so you can go and see them with any issues you are having and they will point you in the right direction.”

Her advice to students choosing a university is to pick a subject that they are going to enjoy studying and can see themselves pursuing a career in. Eleanor also advises picking a university which is in a convenient location and which is in a place that suits as there is plenty of opportunity to go and visit friends at other universities wherever they may be.

“My advice to students wanting to study chemistry is to stay on top of the deadlines and enjoy the practical aspect of the course.”