Having had a lot of questions about studying at Lancaster, Emily wanted to be a mentor so she could be there to help someone in a similar situation. She feels that her experiences will help new students feel less overwhelmed.

“As an A-level student, I had many questions about the course I wanted to study at Lancaster. Having a mentor while I was applying to university would have been extremely helpful when making a decision.” Emily says, “I think that by talking to someone who has been through the application process and knows how stressful it can be to choose a university and a course would be extremely helpful to ensure that the process doesn’t become overwhelming.”

Emily chose to study Chemistry at degree level because she really enjoyed chemistry at A-level. She is passionate about chemistry as “it is the most interesting science”. Emily says, “The practical side of the degree really appealed to me.”

Lancaster’s Collegiate System Appeal

After visiting the University at an open day, Emily was particularly impressed with the Collegiate system. “When I came on an open day, I loved the campus and I really liked the idea of the collegiate system at Lancaster”.

Mixing with friends in her college and through her participation in societies meant Emily quickly got into student life at the university. “There are so many different societies that you can join at Lancaster and the collegiate system allows you to make friends within your college really easily.”

Teamwork and Problem-Solving Skills

Through the design and delivery of her course, Emily has developed a range of skills which she fully believes will benefit her future career. “Working in pairs in practical sessions has allowed me to develop my team working and problem solving skills.” Emily also feels that by learning to balance her social and academic life without feeling overwhelmed, has enabled her to develop her organisation and time management skills.

Emily is particularly enjoying the practical side of the course in the lab sessions because she believes it allows her to apply her knowledge to the lectures, which really helps her understanding of the course.

Lecturers always on hand

Emily enjoys the small group sizes in the Chemistry department which means the staff know who you are and the lecturers are always ready to provide help when you need it.

To prospective students, Emily encourages using every opportunity to find out as much about the University as possible. She says; “Research all your options before deciding on a course and a university. Make sure you attend as many open days as you can, as visiting a university before applying can ensure that you choose the one that is right for you.” And very importantly Emily finishes by saying, “Also, be sure that you love the course you are applying for.”