Feeling nervous about starting at university prompted Kate to want to be a mentor so she can help put other students at ease.

“When I was preparing for university, I didn’t really know what to expect and I was quite nervous. I put myself forward to be a mentor so that I could answer all the questions that a prospective student has to ensure they thoroughly look forward to their time at Lancaster University.”

Kate believes that by being a mentor it will ensure that a new student will always have someone to come to with questions and it will help them learn what to expect of studying chemistry at Lancaster. She also feels that by being able to stay in contact with students all year, even when first year exams come round, she will be there for the students to have someone to ask and she can help them to be completely prepared.

Kate had always enjoyed chemistry, even whilst at secondary school and it was this interest and passion which made her want to have a deeper understanding of how chemistry works.

Village feel

For Kate, the appeal of Lancaster was the fact it wasn’t in a big city, especially as this was the first time she was leaving home. “I really liked the idea of campus living”, says Kate. “Having never lived away from home before, I was nervous about moving into a big city.” By being on campus Kate enjoyed the fact it felt more like a village. She also liked the fact everyone is there for the same reason, making it a great place to make friends!

Kate really enjoys organic chemistry and is thoroughly enjoying the lectures because of the lecturers who always seem to enjoy being there and helping students.

Kate is also very impressed with the social scene at Lancaster University which she says is “great!” One of the benefits of being at Lancaster is the huge range of societies to join, “from baking to the boat club, so there is something for everyone.” She is also impressed with the University free bus service which runs into Lancaster City centre on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays making it easy and safe to go for a night out. Kate’s also impressed that the campus offers lots of bars and cafes for a quieter night on the university campus.

“Living at University has definitely improved my confidence”, says Kate. “The chemistry course has given me confidence in my own learning ability and the extra-curricular activities have helped me make lifelong friends.”U

Caring Lecturers

Kate also sings the praises of the Chemistry department at Lancaster, which she cannot fault. “Chemistry at Lancaster is a really good department. Although it is only small, it gives the department a very homely feel.” Kate is also very impressed with the caring lecturers who go out of their way to get to know their students. “The lecturers make a big effort to engage with the students and that creates a good relationship between staff and students throughout the department. All of the staff are very approachable and are more than willing to help with any problems whether it is to do with work or personal issues.”

Where I wanted to be

Kate is thoroughly enjoying her time at Lancaster and recognises that to be happy you need to get a good feel about your university of choice and also you must be happy with the course. Kate says; “You need to choose the right place for you. There needs to be a match in both the course and the university because there is no point in really liking the university itself but not particularly enjoying the course you are on. For me, as soon as I came to Lancaster I could see myself living here, not just for the course but the University as a whole was exactly where I wanted to be.”

In order to make a success of your degree, Kate says it is all about your commitment to your learning. “Work as hard as you can to get the results you need. This will put you in a good place for when you come to University. Chemistry is not the easiest of courses but as long as you stay on top of your work from day one, you can get the results you want without putting too much pressure on yourself.”