Lewis B

Lewis wanted to become a mentor because he wants students to have a more informed decision about the university they want to study at and the course they want to do.

“During my first and second year, I've learnt lots of things about the course that I had no idea about when I myself, applied to chemistry. I hope to use my experiences to help prospective students make a more informed decision that Lancaster and even chemistry is the right choice for them." Lewis acknowledges that going to university is a big decision and when he was applying he would have found it invaluable to have had a mentor to ask questions.

Lewis believes that new students will learn more about university by being able to share the first-hand experience with a current student. “I will be able to explain and help the student understand what the course entails and what the university has to offer them. Hopefully, my input will help them make the best decision for them on what and where to study.”

Chemistry is a subject which Lewis is passionate about, “finding it both challenging and interesting at A-Level”. Lewis felt that it would be a great subject to study at university, particularly as a STEM subject it will offer him plenty of employment options after graduation. “I felt it would open plenty of doors when I left university.”

Best accommodation

Lewis is originally from Lancaster and therefore knew the university very well from school and sixth form visits. “The campus itself is lovely and the accommodation was the best I had seen from a university.” Lewis is also very impressed with the refurbished chemistry facilities which look “brilliant”. It was all of these factors together which made Lewis want to come to Lancaster.

Of the course, Lewis, along with many other students, is particularly enjoying the practical lab sessions which he finds “really engaging”. It is through the practical application that Lewis believes his understanding is developing and which he doesn’t feel would be so developed if a more lecture led approach was taken. 

Lewis enjoys the best of both worlds when it comes to his social life – enjoying all that Lancaster town has to offer as well as all the year round events on campus. “There are clubs and societies for everyone giving everyone plenty of opportunity to meet new people and do something new.”

Problem-solving skills

Lewis has found that his chemistry skills have progressed a long way since joining Lancaster. He now finds himself completing tasks and solving problems that would have appeared daunting just over a year ago. He has also seen a big change in his personal development, “Being at university, in general, has helped me mature as a person and become more confident.”

Friendly and happy to help

Lewis is thoroughly enjoying his time on campus and speaks very highly of his experience. “The facilities in the chemistry building and life on campus enhance the entire experience. All of the staff, academic and otherwise, are always friendly and happy to help.”

For students to make a success of university Lewis is adamant that they should try and find out as much about the university as possible and the courses on offer in order to choose the best option for them. “I've heard from some students that some courses have not turned out how they imagined so it is vitally important to do some research prior to applying.”

Lewis recognises that although the Chemistry degree is difficult it also has many benefits. “The course is very challenging but at the same time very rewarding. There is plenty of contact time so students will be very busy during the day.” Lewis also emphasises that it is imperative to apply yourself to your studies. “Hard work and dedication is a must in order to get the best out of the course. The staff are supportive and always happy to set time aside to help students who need it.”