Lewis M

Lewis has chosen to be a mentor as he believes providing help and advice will be useful to new students. Not only will it help his skills but it will also benefit the students.

“I would have found it useful if the mentor scheme had been implemented when I started my degree and so I think new students will really benefit from it.” Lewis also believes that having real students answer questions will be more beneficial and it will also help new students to settle in more quickly and to feel at home.

Lewis chose to study a chemistry degree as he found chemistry really enjoyable and interesting during his second year of college and wanted to carry on learning about it.

Brilliant chemistry facilities

Lewis is very impressed by the Lancaster University campus especially as everything is close at hand. He is particularly impressed with the chemistry department facilities which he says are “brilliant”. Lewis also found the chemistry staff to be really friendly and approachable which is another reason he is enjoying his time at Lancaster so much.

Having a wide range of societies and clubs that you can join also appeals to Lewis as “there is something for everyone”. He also enjoys the variety of social life living near a city involves. “There are lots of pubs and clubs in town as well if you like a night out.”

Further developing knowledge

Lewis is passionate about chemistry and in his degree he is enjoying developing the concepts he learnt at A-Level. He is also finding the practical sessions very stimulating. “The lab sessions are really enjoyable and it’s great to be able to put the concepts we learn into practice.”

Lewis has also seen improvements in a number of other areas, “My problem solving, mathematical and writing skills have really improved since starting my degree. I have also become more confident and independent and the amount of work I have had to do has made me focus a lot more on time management.”

Of the recent £26 million refurbishment, Lewis feels the resources are really benefiting his learning. “I can analyse my own product after a lab session in quite a lot of detail, something that I could never do at college.” Since joining the department he has seen the department develop massively with new practical and computer labs and better analysis equipment. He is also very impressed with the quality of teaching which is “really good”.

For students looking to go to university Lewis’s advice is simple, “Choose a place that suits you and has the exact course that you want to do.” He is also keen that you do the right thing for you, not for other people. “Don’t just pick a university because your friends are going there.”