After finding it a big change going to university, Naomi hopes that her role as a student mentor will help put other new students at ease by passing on her experience.

“I chose to be a student mentor as I know how coming to university can be such a big change and at times a bit overwhelming as it is hard to know what to expect.” By being a student mentor, Naomi hopes to be able to offer advice to students in order to help them settle in quicker and get the most out of their university experience.

Naomi is keen not to overwhelm new students and feels the way to help a student is by being aware of their needs. “By just allowing them to feel more comfortable, knowing that they will always have someone to go to with any issues, will help make university seem that little bit less daunting.” Naomi sees her role as providing support in a number of areas. “Help can be given which is directly linked to the course such as advising them about the coursework or the labs they will have, or it could just be to do with the general university lifestyle.”

Naomi is studying chemistry as part of the Natural Sciences degree; a programme that is offered to high-achieving students and teaches up to three degree-level science and technology subjects in a three-year initiative. She feels by studying her degree in this way she will have a wide range of areas she could go into once she has finished her degree.

Campus atmosphere

Naomi is enjoying her time at Lancaster and puts it down to the vibrancy of the campus and her mix of friends. “The thing I love most about Lancaster is the campus atmosphere. With everyone being in one place it is easy to meet lots of people and form a group of friends. “

Naomi is also enjoying her studies and finding out about the career options when she finishes university.

Of the social life in Lancaster, Naomi says there is lots going on and of the University, she particularly enjoys the wide variety of societies on offer. She is also impressed with the number of events held on campus every week. “With everyone being on campus during the day it means that when you go on a night out you are guaranteed to bump into people you know.”

Time management

Naomi recognises that as well as the actual science skills she is being taught on her course, she is also benefitting in lots of other ways. “With the large amount of coursework that you get every week and all the deadlines that you have to meet, this course has taught me to manage my time in the best way possible. This didn’t come straight away, but after the first term most people seem to find a routine that works for them.” Naomi also believes her communication skills have improved and that she has made lots of friends that she can study and socialise with.

Top 10 University

Naomi is impressed by the fact that Lancaster University is a top ten university as she believes that the reputation of the University will stand her in good stead in the employment market. “Lancaster also has a great atmosphere for you to study and is very good at making you feel at home. “

Naomi’s advice to prospective students is to be confident in your decision as she doesn’t believe you’ll go far wrong if you do your research. “Look at the league tables briefly for the course that you want to study and use this as a rough guide, but then after that think more about the lifestyle you want when you are there. Look at the accommodation, the nightlife, if it is a city university and the student satisfaction rate.” When Naomi thinks about the highlights of her university life so far it’s all about the people that she’s met during her studies. “Obviously you will not know this before you go to university and so I would say choose a university that you think will suit you, try and make the most of your time there and you will enjoy it.” Naomi also advises students to think carefully about the subjects that you want to study and have a plan about what you want to do in future years. And if you’re not sure then just ask as the department staff are really friendly and always willing to help.