Ryan decided to be a student mentor as he enjoys helping people and sees it as a way to give something back to the department which has done so much for him already.

“Being mentored will help a student settle in better as they can talk freely to another student.”

Ryan chose to study chemistry as it was the only subject through school which made him want to learn. He was also impressed with the chemistry building redevelopments and “the staff across the campus seemed friendly”.

Of the course, Ryan likes the way the lab and lecturing teaching styles compliment each other. Ryan says;” I particularly enjoy the long lab hours.” He also likes the fact that learning things in lectures can then be applied in the labs.

Plenty to be done

Ryan is enjoying his time at Lancaster and feels there is something for everyone. “It's as social as you want it to be, there's plenty to be done across the town for any type of person.”

Fantastic teaching staff

From his chemistry degree, Ryan believes he is developing and improving his skills. ”My communication skills have come a long way since coming to university, as well as improving my time management due to a hectic chemistry timetable.” He also sees improvements through his participation in a range of sports.

For Ryan, the benefits of studying at Lancaster are the “fantastic teaching staff”.  He’s impressed that they are willing to listen to any problems you might have and that they respond quickly. 

Ryan’s advice to students choosing where to study is “to pick somewhere that you feel is right for you, not right for your friends or family”.

He is also passionate about studying the Chemistry degree saying;” Go for it, Chemistry is a massively interesting and rewarding degree, but the hours are long, so be prepared.”