Tips for Adjustment and Clearing

Here is the information you need to help you get the place you want.

What is Adjustment?

If you have met and exceeded the conditions of your conditional firm choice, you can choose to go through Adjustment to reconsider where and what you wish to study. You can keep your original conditional firm offer while making enquiries with other providers.

What is Clearing?

Clearing is your chance to be considered by other universities if you have applied through UCAS but received no offers, or have not met the conditions set by your firm and insurance universities.

You can also enquire about a place at Lancaster University even if you already hold an offer elsewhere.

Your details

Before you receive your results, remember to keep UCAS updated of any changes to your personal details. Any confirmation information from the University will be sent to the postal/email address on your application form. Your UCAS Track account will tell you how to make any changes, or you can ring UCAS and speak to an advisor. Once you have told UCAS, you do not need to inform the University as they will update us directly.

Please email the Undergraduate Admissions Office about:

  • Any changes to your examination arrangements from those that appear on your UCAS form (if for example you have discontinued an A Level).
  • Any accident, illness or personal problem which could affect your results. If we are to take account of such matters we must know about them before we get your results. You should send a supporting letter from your school/college, and from your doctor in medical cases.
  • If you wish to be considered for an alternative course (should your current application be unsuccessful) please let us know well before your examination results are published.
  • Any queries about your admission to Lancaster.

Confirmation of results

Many qualifications are sent directly from UCAS to the University, including:

  • A Level
  • BTEC
  • International Baccalaureate
  • Scottish Highers

The UCAS website has a comprehensive list of qualifications - please check this to see if your results will be sent directly to us. Qualifications not on this list require you to send a copy of your transcript certificate and UCAS Personal ID to

Please note that GCSE and English Language requirements which are part of a conditional offer will not be sent to the University by UCAS. You will need to send these to

If on Results Day your status remains unchanged on UCAS Track, we may not have received your results. In these circumstances please send completed transcripts with your UCAS Personal ID to

A Level Results Day

We are not permitted to disclose any A Level results to applicants at any time. However, we will advise you whether you have been successful in your application to Lancaster and you can log onto UCAS Track to find out the status of your application.

If you wish for someone else to speak to the University on your behalf, you will need to give permission for them to do this. This may be the nominated person already on your UCAS form. If not, perhaps a teacher, you will need to be with them in person on Results Day to give your permission. Otherwise we will be unable to discuss your case with them. 

What happens if...

You meet the conditions of our offer?

If you have met the conditions of our offer and Lancaster University is one of you choices, then you may not need to do anything further.

You have narrowly missed the conditions of our offer

If you have just missed out on the conditions of our offer and Lancaster University is one of your choices, then it may still be possible for the offer to be confirmed.

You have not met the conditions of our offer

If you haven't met the conditions of our offer, you may go into clearing.

Your UCAS Track status does not change

If your offer is still showing as conditional, then you may still need to provide some extra information.

You are now in Clearing

If you have checked and you are in Clearing, then you can choose any course that is available provided there are places and you meet the grade and subject requirements.

More Help and Information

The UCAS website has lots of handy information about Adjustment, Clearing and getting ready for results day. You might also find the following services useful:

National Exam Results Helpline

The National Exam Results Helpline opens across the exam results period in August to provide independent information, advice and guidance for students who get unexpected exam results and don't know what to do next. The number to call is: 0808 100 8000, and you can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Experienced careers advisers will be on-hand to support students to make the right choices about their futures. Advice topics include:

  • Skills, qualifications and subject choices
  • Re-sits and re-marks
  • Sixth form, college, university and other HE/FE choices
  • Gap years
  • Moving away from home
  • Vocational learning routes including Diplomas, Apprenticeships and NVQs
  • Careers, employment and setting up in business

Schools and Colleges Adjustment, Clearing and Confirmation Helpline

We have a dedicated helpline available for teachers who wish to speak to us about students that are interesting in applying to Lancaster via Adjustment, Clearing, or who have enquiries with regard to confirmation of places.

Schools and Colleges Adjustment, Clearing and Confirmation Helpline: 01524 595208

Clearing Hotline

Call us to talk about your options:

From Landlines

0800 298 9542

From Mobiles

0300 500 8086

From Outside the UK

+44 1524 931300
Own country charges may apply