What is Adjustment?

If you have met and exceeded the conditions of your conditional firm choice, you can choose to go through Adjustment to reconsider where and what you wish to study. During the Adjustment period, you are able to keep your original conditional firm offer while making enquiries with other providers.

Making an application through Adjustment

If you are interested in applying to Lancaster University via Adjustment, you will need to check our vacancies for available places on your chosen course.

If there are vacancies and you are registered for Adjustment in UCAS Track, call the Adjustment Hotline from 17 August 2017 and tell our staff that you are applying through Adjustment. Please ensure that you have your UCAS Personal ID and exam results to hand.

If you are successful, you’ll receive a verbal offer of a place subject to verification of the exam results you stated on the phone. You’ll then receive email confirmation of the offer, if you choose to accept the offer, please respond to the email and the University will confirm your place.

Lancaster University Clearing Hotline

From landlines call free:

0800 298 9542

From mobiles call (national rate):

0300 500 8086

From outside the UK call (own country charges may apply):

+44 1524 931300