College awards and Scholarships

Vacation Travel Awards

Travel Awards

Applications may be made by students of Bowland College for travel awards to undertake trips in the Easter and Summer vacations. Awards are made for voluntary  activities undertaken in the U.K. or abroad which will benefit a student’s academic studies or future employment.  This might involve attending a course or conference, an academic project, a study visit or an expedition.  Normally the College cannot support compulsory elements in a degree scheme (e.g. a year abroad, a field course
etc.) that are the responsibility of an academic department. The awards are usually between £50 and £150. A condition of all awards is that a written report of at least 500 words no more than 750 words is submitted to the Senior College Advisor, Bowland college office, after the project has been completed.

Application forms can be obtained from either the College Office or the Senior Advisor and should be returned to the College Office by 22nd March 2013 for Easter vacation awards, and by 24th May 2013 for  travel during the Summer vacation.

Please use the Travel-Award-Application-Form

The Meredith Award

Professor David Meredith was Principal of Bowland College from 1984-1989.  The Meredith Award – a certificate and gift token – is presented annually to the student who submits the best Travel Grant Report.

The Willcock Scholarships

When Professor Malcolm Willcock left the University in 1980, he had been Principal of Bowland College for 13 years, 1966–1979.  In recognition of the outstanding service he had given to the College, a scholarship fund was established with the objective of making funds available to Bowland students who would have difficulty achieving their full academic potential because of financial hardship.  Up to £2500 may be available for awards in any year.  The deadline for applications for this academic year is 31st May 2013. Willcock-Scholarship-2013

The Bowland College Lancashire – Cumbria Studentships

Two awards of £600 each are available to incoming first-year students from the Lancashire and Cumbria regions. The College is looking to assist students who are in need of additional support due to their specific situations, for example: students with dependants who have costs associated with child-care, disabled students and students with special needs, etc. All first-year students who are, or who will be, members of Bowland College for entry 2012 and who have a home address postcode within the Lancashire and Cumbria region are eligible to apply.

Please submit a letter of application to Pat Brown, Bowland College Administrator, stating your full name and address, course of study, UCAS number and an explanation, on no more than one side of A4 paper, as to what your specific circumstances are and how the studentship would help you.  Application deadline: 

The Bowland College Lancashire and Cumbria Travel Award

The College has made available a small fund for  1st year Bowland College students who have to travel distances of more than 25 miles on a daily basis by public transport to attend their studies at the University.

If you think you might be eligible for consideration, please submit an application form to the College Office.  Travel award application form

Application deadline:  26th October 2012.


The Saunders Award

Dr Ian Saunders was Bowland College Principal for 10 years, from 1989 to 1999. The Saunders Award is awarded to final year Bowland students who have shown outstanding contribution to college activities. Recipients of the Award are nominated jointly by the JCR and SCR.

The Louise Banton Award for Creative Enterprise

The purpose of the Louise Banton Award is to encourage and support creative enterprise in Bowland College. The Award is made for a proven initiative, activity, project or creative enterprise which has demonstrable benefits (e.g. health, ethical, environmental, financial, organisational, community, support-based etc) and which could be introduced and/or rolled-out for wider adoption/implementation. The financial value of the Award is £500 and all undergraduate members of Bowland are eligible to apply.

Dr. Banton was College Principal from 1999 to 2008.  Application deadline:  22nd March 2013

Academic awards

Every year Bowland College presents Certificates and book tokens to recognise the academic achievement of individual students in the first, second and final years.  Four awards are given for each year for each of the University Faculties – Arts and Social Sciences, Science and Technology, Management, and Health and Medicine.

The Bevington Award

Professor John Bevington was the first Principal elected within Bowland College in September 1964 and served until 1966. The Bevington Award is given for outstanding academic performances by Bowland students in their first year.

 The Bowland Society Award

This award is for outstanding performance to second year Bowland students.

The Brooke Award

Professor John Brooke served as Principal from 1979 – 1984. This award, in his name, is given to Bowland students who have achieved academic excellence in their final undergraduate year.