Financial assistance

College Loans and Welfare Grants

Bowland College can provide direct financial assistance for Bowland students by means of Emergency College Loans and College Welfare Grants   Call into the College Office (next door to the Bowland Porters Lodge) and speak to the College Administrator to see if you qualify and/or for advice.

Emergency College Loans.

Students with modest, and temporary, emergency financial problems can apply at any time to the College for an interest-free college loan of up to £100. These are
expected to be repaid as soon as funding allows and by agreement with the Deputy Senior Advisor. Application forms are available from the College Office.

College Welfare Grants.

These are fairly small non-repayable cash grants to students who have suffered unforeseen exceptional financial difficulties, which are not of their own making, e.g. expenses concerned with illness, disability or accident. Applications may be made at any time to the College Senior Advisor by a letter sent to the College Office marked “Welfare Grant Application”.

Other Financial Support

The University student based services can offer a wide range of finacial support and guidance:

As can the Students Union:

You may also be interested in some of our travel grants:

On a lighter note we also make funds available to the JCR. For example sports kit.