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The Senior Common Room (SCR) are members of University staff who are also members of The County College. Some of these members take a very active role in managing the College:


The Principal & Vice Principal

Photo of Karen Photo of Steve
Dr Karen Grant is the Principal, and she heads up the senior members of the college, representing County at many levels and on various committees. The Vice Principal is Dr Steve Dempster. You can contact either of them by emailing the College Office.


The Deanery

Photo of Stu Photo of Jenni Photo of Kirsty Photo of Mathew Photo of Abi
The Dean is Stuart Powers, responsible for the discipline in the college, and he will adjudicate on any cases presented to him by the Assistant Deans. The 'ADs' live in the college and are normally postgraduate students. The Assistant Deans are Jenni Carter, Kirsty Lee, Mathew Gillings and Abi Harrison-Henshall. You can contact the Deanery by email. For more information see the Deanery page.


College Manager

Photo of Ali
The County College Manager is Ali Moorhouse and she deals with general college enquiries, welfare, loans and transfers. You can contact her by telephone on 01524 592562, or by email.


Senior Advisor & the College Advisory Team (CAT)

Photo of Ruth Photo of Jen Photo of Rachel Photo of Gruff Photo of Michelle Photo of Julia Photo of Alice
Ruth Paterson is the Senior Advisor, responsible for the general welfare arrangements in the college and line manages the College Advisory Team (aka CAT). You can contact Ruth by telephone on 01524 510086 or by email. The College Advisory Team (aka CAT) are Jen Shuttleworth, Rachel Harvery, Gruff Morris, Michelle Wood, Julia Devaux and Alice Callaghan. For more information see the Welfare page.


Wellbeing Officer

Photo of Kate
The County Wellbeing Officer is Kate Deeming, who is here to provide guidance on welfare and psychological issues. We recognise that experiencing difficulties with health, relationships or other personal issues can make it hard to concentrate on your studies and Kate is here to help. If you have specific needs related to your personal circumstances, Kate can also guide you to more specialist support. You can contact Kate by emailing


Accommodation Office

Photo of Jacqui Photo of Michelle
The Accommodation Manager is Jacqui Brian and she is responsible for the day to day management of the accommodation on campus. You can contact her by telephone on 01524 594699 or by emailing the County Accommodation Office. The Accommodation Assistant is Michelle Wood. For a breakdown of the types of accommodation we offer in County, see the Accommodation page.



Photo of Dick Photo of Ian Photo of John Photo of Lee
The County Porters are Dick, Ian, John and Lee, and they offer a 24 hour service during term time. You can find them in the Porter's Lodge if you need them and this also the place you will need to go to collect your mail. You can call them on 01524 592560. If for some reason you are unable to contact them, you can call University Security on 01524 594541.


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