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The County College


County is the northern-most of the colleges, sitting at the top end of the University campus and flanked by woodland and open spaces. The original County Main building opened in 1969 but was recently completely refurbished as the college was modernised. County's bar (The Northern Oak) sits alongside the common room and the popular eatery The County Diner.


County Main opens out onto Lancaster Square and County Field, where the new eco-residences are located, and to the south lie more new residences and the John Creed Building.


The County logo depicts a leaf from the oak tree in the courtyard of the County Main building, a striking edifice that won a design award at the time for the County architect, Roger Booth. The original building was paid for and designed by Lancashire County Council.


College Officers


The Principal & Vice Principal


Rachel Fligelstone is the Principal, and she heads up the senior members of college, representing County at many levels and on various committees. The Vice Principal is Dr Steve Dempster. You can contact either of them by emailing the College Office.


The Deanery


The Dean is Dr Steve Dempster, responsible for the discipline in the college, and he will adjudicate on any cases presented to him by the Assistant Deans. These people live in the college and are normally postgraduate students. The Assistant Deans are Jenni Carter, Kirsty Lee, Michael Ratajczak and Ricardo Zozimo.


You can contact Dr Dempster by calling 01524 592860, or by email. For more information see the Deanery page.


College Administrator


The County College Administrator is Ali Moorhouse and she deals with general college enquiries, welfare, loans and transfers. You can contact her by telephone on 01524 592562, or by email.


Senior Advisor


Ruth Paterson is the Senior Advisor, responsible for the general welfare arrangements in the college and its advisory system. You should see the Senior Advisor if you are experiencing difficulties or wish to change your College Advisor. You can contact Ruth by telephone on 01524 510086 or by email. For more information see the Welfare page.


Residence Officer


The County College Residence Officer is Jacqui Brian and she is responsible for the day to day management of the accommodation on campus. You can contact her by telephone on 01524 594699 or by emailing the County Residence Office. The College Residence Assistant is Michelle Wood. For a breakdown of the types of accommodation we offer in County, see the Residences page.




The County Porters are Dick, John, Lee and Steve, and they offer a 24 hour service during term time. You can find them in the Porter's Lodge if you need them and this also the place you will need to go to collect your mail. You can call them on 01524 592560. If for some reason you are unable to contact them, you can call University Security on 01524 594541.






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